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11.07.2017  Customer Youtube Video. First run of  BR 18 201


M.A.M, in cooperation with Bowande, have provided locomotives and wagons in gauges I, III and narrow gauge for over five years.
Our main f
ocus is on the production of highly-detailed replicas of selected models.
here are no compromises in terms either of external detail or of the type of valve gear construction. This means that any original live steam locomotive that we build in our model range that has Heusinger, Walschaerts, Stephenson or Gresley valve gear will be fitted in exactly the same way as the prototype. By adopting ‘real’ valve gear operation, we sacrifice the advantages of simple slip eccentric direction control by offering the benefits of a true driving and shunting experience.




Pennsy G5
ab 0,00 € 2
BR 18 201
ab 5.495,00 € 2
C 38
3.895,00 € 2
QJ Livesteam
ab 4.995,00 € 2
Livesteam BR 41
ab 4.250,00 € 2
Livesteam Black 5 New Version
2.995,00 € ab 2.795,00 € 2
CAD design
CAD design


The famous German BR 64, so called "Bubikopf"


This livesteam engine is already under construction. Similar to the newly delivered BR 41, this locomotive will match highest standards in detailing and functionality.






The ancient BR 13 (Prussian S3)

As well in the design phase is this Locomotive from the 19th century.

There will be a Sample of this Locomotive, build with same high standard known for M.A.M - Bowande products.

Lot production only if there is enough interest from the livesteam community.


Project delayed




The mighty QJ Class


Every steam enthusiast knows about the famous Chinese QJ Class. This model is also in the design phase of production. This live steam model is equipped with the efficient ceramic gas burner and all the usual features including axle and hand waterpumps etc., that have been used for the other live steam products from M.A.M - Bowande.


This engine will be capable of hauling any train consist on your layout.





All models available with R/C

M.A.M Store
M.A.M Store

New opening of  M.A.M Store with a big gauge 1 layout.  You will have the oportunity to look at all Shop items and testing them.


The Shop is located in Dillenburg, approximately 100km north of Frankfurt/M.



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Storehoures: By appointment.



Modellbahnen aus Metall

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