Black 5 Livesteam Year 2014 Serie

Main Technical Parameters New 2014 Version

1. Scale:1/32 (G scale);

2. Appearance: L615×W88×H120mm;

3. Net weight: 5.1 Kgs;

4. Rail track: G Scale, Gauge 45mm;

5. Wheel Configuration:4-6-0;

6. Boiler: Single burning pipe, Working pressure70 PSI;

7. Fuel: Butane gas;

8. Run time: more than 60 minutes

Model Features:

All brass construction;

Copper boiler;

Extra detailed fine scale;

All wheels stainless steel;

All axle sprung;

Opening filler cap;

Removable cab roof;

Sprung buffers;

Opening smoke box door;

Correct wheel profiles;

Butane gas fired; Ceramic Burner

Walschaerts valve gear;

Adjustable safety valve;

Water level glass;

Pressure gauges;

Gas tank in tender (water bath);

Water hand pump with check valve;

Axle water pump with bypass valve;

Workable whistle.

No.5000 with early short firebox


Livesteam Black 5 New Version
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