Casey Jones
Casey Jones

 History Story: On the night of April 29, 1900, engineer "Casey" Jones with Sim Webb his fireman were listed out of Memphis on train #1 with Engine 382 and six cars southbound for Canton Mississippi.  Records indicate that #382 pulled out one hour and thirty-five minutes late with the experienced Casey at the throttle. He had very good engine,which he knew, a good fireman, a light train and was really rolling 382, often over 75 MPH, and making up a lot of time and actually setting a record. He was then on time for a meet with train #2.  But the Illinois Central had a single track with passing sidings that had to be cleared.  An air hose broke on the freight trying to clear the switch on a left hand curve, leaving several cars on the main line.  Casey couldn't see them from the engineer's right hand seat until his #382 came around the curve.  Casey told his fireman to jump which he did, saving his life, and immediately threw 382 into reverse and staying at his post, rode #382 into the rear of the freight train, smashing the caboose and a couple of cars.  The impact had slammed the throttle bar into his throat.  He was carried one half mile to the depot and then died from his injuries.   Casey was the only person killed in the wreck.  A few years later a song was written about Casey and remains one of the top three railroad songs of all - time.
In 2014 Diamondhead International Small Scale Steamup exhibition, it had a good performance and got a lot of praise.

Technical Parameters

*Material:  Brass, Stainless steel
*Scale:  1/32
*Fuel: Butane gas
*Appearance:  L590 x W97 x H144mm
*Rail:  G scale, Gauge 45mm
*Minimum Radii:  2000mm
*Power mode:  Live Steam
*Wheel configuration:  4-6-0
*Run time:  More than 1 hour
Model Features
*Sprung buffers
*Water gauge
*British pressure gauge
*Axle pump with bypass valve
*Hand pump with check valve
*Fully simulation power system
*Adding water automatically; Working whistle





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