The Ten Wheeler, 4-6-0 Type, was developed to handle the heavier trains, both freight and passenger than the 4-4-0 types could handle. Modern engineering resulted in railroads developing many, much more powerful locomotives than the 4-6-0 wheel arrangement. The Pennsy had over 100 ten wheelers and needed a more powerful model for commuter trains with their many stations and tight schedules. This resulted in the Class G5s. Built at Altoona's Juniata's shops, these ninety locomotives were the heaviest 4-6-0's ever built at 237,000 pounds and most powerful at 41,330 pounds tractive effort. With 68 inch drivers, they had the power to quickly accelerate a good size passenger train. The rear driver was staggered further back to allow superb weight balance on the drivers. Used mostly for commuter trains with many quick starts and stops, they operated on track where heavier engines were prohibited. They were built with superheaters, power reverse gear and were hand fired - never receiving stokers. They were also used on milk trains. They were built between 1923 and 1925 with a batch of fifty numbered 5700 to 5749 for the Pennsy and 31 for the subsidiary Long Island Railroad with numbers 20 - 50. These engines lasted until the end of steam in the mid 1950's.


Technical parameters

Scale: 1/32
Material: Brass, Stainless Steel

Gauge: 45mm

Minimum Radii: 2000mm

Dimensions: L702 x W106 x H147mm

Wheel configuration: 4-6-0

Fuel: Butane gas

Power: Live steam

Run time: More than 1 hour



Model Features

Brass construction and stainless steel wheel

Silver soldered copper boiler

Ceramic burner

Gas fired

Fully functioning Walschaerts valve gear

Opening smoke box door

Correct wheel profiles

Adjustable safety valves

Slide valves

Sprung axles locomotive and tender 

Hand pump with check valve

Axle pump with bypass valve


Water gauge

UK imported pressure gauge
Workable whistle




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