Livesteam QJ Coal or Gasfired

QJ in Action
QJ in Action

















Final models available: April of 2015


Main technical parameter


  1. Dimensions (L*W*H) :911.9mm*105.5mm*149.7mm (6 axle tender)


          813.2mm*105.5mm*149.7mm (4 axle tender)


      2. Wheel configuration:2-10-2


      3. Burning system: Gas Ceramic Burner, Coal fired


      4. Working cylinder: two


      6. Cylinder diameter & stroke: 18mm*25mm


      7. Traction wheel diameter: 46.8mm


      8. Fuel: Butane gas, Coal


      9. Minimum radius: 2m


     10. Boiler working pressure: 60psi






1. With the diameter to be 18mm large size cylinder, this QJ locomotive will have 60%~100% bigger pull than the other same scale Gauge 1 live steam models.


2.With inner diameter at 64mm, the cubage of boiler is big up to 650ml, plus the tender water


capacity of 1500ml, the loco can run at least one hour with full filling of water each time.


3. Owning five sets of traction wheels, and with the largest traction wheels axle distance at
200mm, the model
can run well on 2m radius tracks.


4. The partial-wet firebox and with 5 tubes inside makes the boiler be more emulational


5. The burning can be viewed from he sightsee window, which brings more interest in operation


6. Self-observational water gauge


7. Hand pump and axle pump, the loco can supply water to boiler automatically during running


8. Workable whistle


9. Double safety valves, one is working valve (with pressure at 60PSI), the other is safety valve
(with pressure at 75PSI)


10. The R/C system can control the loco running direction, speed and voice (whistle).





Preise:  QJ gasfired:        € 4.995,--   


             QJ coalfired:       € 5.695,--   




Three different numbers. Optional R/C

QJ 7143 and 7202
QJ 7143 and 7202
QJ 6800 high decorated
QJ 6800 high decorated
QJ Livesteam
4.995,00 €
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